Anti-Bullying Info for Pupils

What is Bullying and what can I do?


Bullying happens…                     What to do…

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Together we can STOP it!


What is Bullying?

In our school, bullying is hurting someone more than once,
on purpose, by using behaviour or words which are meant to frighten or hurt that person.

Bullying can be…

  Hurting people’s feelings, leaving you out.

Physical:               Punching, kicking, spitting, hitting or pushing.

Verbal:                   Being teased, name calling.

Written:                  Letters, notes, graffiti.

Cyber:                    Saying unkind things by text, e-mail and on the


If you are bullied:



  •        Ask them to STOP if you can
  •        Use eye contact and tell them to go away
  •        Ignore them
  •        Walk away
  •        Talk to a friend
  •        Get help


  •        Do what they say
  •        Get angry or look upset
  •        Hit them
  •        Thinks it’s your fault
  •        Hide it


What should I do if I see someone else is being bullied?

  • Don’t walk away and ignore the bullying.
  • Ask the person to stop if it is safe to do so.
  • Don’t stay silent or the bullying will keep happening.

Who can I tell?

Any adult at School:

  • Teacher
  • TA
  • Home-school link worker
  • A friend
  • A family member
  • Any other adult

Everyone at JHN will work together to:

  • Make our school a place where everyone can feel safe and happy.
  • Help everyone to get along with each other because we believe that everyone has the right to be who they are.
  • Always treat bullying seriously.