Eco Warriors

We are the Eco Warriors

At John Henry Newman Academy we have 1 pupil nominated from each class to be an Eco Warrior. We have many jobs which all help our school and the environment.

Every week, we meet with Mrs. Ben-Aldjia and discuss how we can improve and become from eco friendly. We have many jobs during this time such as: Litter picking, reading the gas meter, talking to teachers, talking to children and thinking of new ways to get our message across.

Each week, we go around every classroom with Mr Cox, while the children are at assembly, to perform an eco check. We look to see if each class have their Interactive Whiteboards, lights and other electronics turned off and the windows closed (when the heating is on) We then give out a certificate every Friday of the class (or classes) which are the most eco friendly thanks to our friend Eco Ed!

If you have any questions please come and ask your class representative, you will see us wearing our badges with pride!


The Eco Warriors.