Extended Services & Clubs

Free School Clubs

Here at John Henry Newman Academy, we are very proud to be able to offer a wide range of free extracurricular activities that include sporting, musical, artistic and cultural opportunities. They are held before, during and after the school day. All of the clubs are designed to inspire children to try new activities, build confidence, develop their social skills and to have fun!  They offer great developmental benefits that will support children personally, academically and socially.

Currently postponed: Wake-Up, Shake-Up, which takes place in the hall and starts promptly at 8:20 each morning has proved incredibly popular with both boys and girls. There is an enthusiastic buzz at the start of each day when children and adults perform energetic dance routines. We have found that when children start their day feeling energised, they are keen and ready to learn.


Fitness, TT Rockstars, football, colouring, sign language, choir and recorders all take place after the children have had their lunch. Again, these clubs all prove to be popular and can provide a welcome alternative to being outside. They also give children the opportunity to try new activities, develop new hobbies and to socialise with children from different year groups and classes.


TT Rockstars: Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of times tables practice. This format has very successfully boosted times tables recall speed for many children. Providing this opportunity ensures that the children can access the programme and participate in Tournaments, especially if access to technology is limited outside of school.

Football: As well as encouraging an active lifestyle and developing communication skills, taking part in team games also helps to stimulate social skills and develops fundamental movement skills.

Colouring: In a peaceful, calm environment, this activity provides an opportunity to practice and develop many skills such as concentration, fine motor and coordination for early writing skills and correct finger grip as well as developing creativity.

Sign Language: An opportunity to learn a new language! Using sign language can enhance your child’s creative thinking, brain functionality, memory and spatial awareness. In addition, the prospect of being able to communicate with others using this language results in a more inclusive society.

Choir: As well as the huge musical benefits and enjoyment that singing offers, there are many transferable skills for children to learn as part of a choir – leadership, responsibility, teamwork, literacy and reading skills, and many, many more.

Recorders: Learn to play an instrument! This a great first instrument to learn to play. Children very quickly master playing some familiar and popular tunes. The benefits of learning to play an instrument are endless. It can improve memory skills, improve hand eye coordination & fine motor skills. Listening skills and auditory skills are developed and responsibility, perseverance and discipline are encouraged.

Lunchtime Science Club: Fun weekly investigations and experiments supported by science club leaders. It can help support friendship throughout the school and offer exciting Science opportunities and activities. A chance to get deep into Science and involved in hands-on experiences.


After school clubs run until 4:00 pm and take place on different days, at various locations around the school, depending on the activity. There is no limit on the number of clubs that your child can attend. However, places are offered on a first-come, first- served basis and again, places for these activities are always in high demand.


Dance: Dancing is great fun and a great form of exercise. A love of dance from an early age can help motivate children to stay active as they grow into adults.

ICT: Children are provided with a wealth of opportunities to engage in and develop their ICT skills. Using the latest technology, children are given a wide variety of experiences to develop their skills.

Wild things: One of the beautiful things about nature is that it slows us down. Allowing children to spend time outdoors develops a sense of awe and wonder in the world around them. With the environmental challenges facing our world today who wouldn’t want their child to find science fun and engaging?  Wild Things After-School Club supports children in achieving this by exploring a wide variety of outdoor scientific topics which are as entertaining as they are educational.


Cupcakes: Cooking is an amazing way of bringing education into action! Children will apply mathematical and literacy skills to create their own delicious cupcakes. The amount of “education” in cooking is really quite phenomenal and because the children are actively involved, it gives them a real-life application for those concepts. It makes it meaningful to them.

Multi-sports and Basketball: Through engagement in sport, children learn leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, responsibility, self-discipline, and a sense of initiative. Both of these clubs prove to be extremely popular with the children.


All of the clubs are staffed by teachers and teaching assistants who are currently employed by John Henry Newman Academy.


We hope that your child will find something of interest for them to enjoy, develop existing skills or learn new ones.

Please speak to the Academy School Office for more information and signing on to a club.

Breakfast & After-school Club
For families who are working, in education or training we provide affordable wrap around childcare in a safe stimulating environment.
We run a Breakfast Club from 8am - 8.45am and After-School Club between 3.05 pm - 5.00 pm weekdays.

Breakfast Club costs £3.00 per day 

After- School Club costs £10.00 per day

To check availability and book onto either breakfast or after-school club please contact the school office on 01865 772495. Please note that these clubs are invoices a term in advance and payment is required to secure your child's place.