We hope you enjoy reading about each of our Governors. Unless stated otherwise, governors have not declared any business, governorship or relationship interests.

Ms Jean Holderness - Chair of Governors (also Chair at Grove CE Primary School) Term of Office:  1.4.16 to 31.3.20

Mrs Sarah Gordon-Weeks - Parent Governor and Vice Chair of Governors Term: 15.7.16 to 14.7.20

Reverend Margreet Armistead Term: 14.7.16 to 13/7/20

Mr Martin Bayliss - ODST Finance Governor Term: 1.4.16 to 31.3.20

Miss Jessica Broome - Staff Governor Term: 21.3.16 to 20.3.20

Mr Alan Exell - Foundation Governor Term : 19.03.18 to 18.03.22

Mrs Ellie Payne – Foundation Governor (also Governor at The Oxford Academy) Term: 1.9.16 to 31.8.20

Ms Katie Screaton – Headteacher 

Mrs Jane Dymock – Clerk to the Governors

Governance Structure

Our Governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in our school. Governors appoint the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. It is governors who hold senior leaders to account for the performance of the school and, working with the Headteacher, make the tough decisions about balancing resources.

ODST has a Board of Trustees which oversees the work of the Trust including the effectiveness of Local Governing Bodies.

Our Local Governing Body meets up to six times a year. Every governor attends these meetings and is a member of one of our two sub-Committees, both of which meet circa five times a year.

The Performance and Standards Committee monitors the progress and attainment of pupils in the school. They also look at the quality of teaching and learning in the school and ensure that the leadership team are measuring the performance of teachers in line with the school's policy and targets.

The Resources Committee ensures that the school uses its resources to achieve best value, thereby supporting the learning of all our students. This Committee is also responsible for Health and Safety, Premises and Staffing. 

The Performance and Standards Committee comprises:

  • Ellie Payne – Chair (from Oct 17)
  • Sarah Gordon-Weeks
  • Katie Screaton (from April 17)
  • Jessica Broome

The Resources Committee comprises:

  • Jean Holderness 
  • Martin Bayliss
  • Alan Exell - Chair
  • Katie Screaton - Headteacher
  • Sam Rhodes [School Business Manager] in attendance

 Please see the attendance record below.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor of John Henry Newman Academy, please come in and see us by making an appointment with the School Office. Please also see The ODST website for more information on becoming a school Governor.