Littlemore Health Challenge

Littlemore Health Challenge
Monday 26 February - Sunday 4 March
Small steps lead to big changes !

We are proud to announce that JHNA and TOA has become part of the Littlemore Health Partnership. This is a community partnership that is committed to ensure that we encourage our community to take active choices to improve their health.


To launch the partnership all at JHNA and TOA will be part of the Littlemore Health Challenge. This challenge will involve making one change that could improve you and your family’s health. The challenge will take place during the week beginning 26 February. We are asking that all staff, children, families make a pledge to do one thing that will make a difference to your health. These changes / pledges can be big or small, something that you feel would make a difference! For example, you may choose walk your children to school, rather than drive; include a wider variety of fruit and vegetables in your meals during the week; focus on sleep time, make sure you and your family relax before bed and get a good night’s sleep; find some time to be together as a family.



I am going to make 2 changes next week, one is to drink more water throughout the day and the other is to make sure I walk at least 10000 steps a day which will include at least one Active 10 .


Katie Screaton



John Henry Newman Academy has teamed up with The Park Club, to celebrate Littlemore Health Challenge. Parents can claim free entry and use all their wonderful facilities for the whole week (26 February - 4 March), gym, pool and classes.