Littlemore Health Partnership

Littlemore Health Partnership
The Littlemore Health Partnership was created in 2018 by John Henry Newman Academy, The Oxford Academy, St Mary and St Nicholas Church, Oxfordshire CCG and Oxford City Council, represented by councillors John Tanner and Gill Sanders. The group is working together to find practical ways of helping families make healthy changes which last.
The partnership is launching the Littlemore Health Challenge on Monday 26 February until Sunday 4 March. For one week, the group will be encouraging families and individuals to make small changes to their lives to help benefit their long term health.
Ideas such as walking to school or work, swapping a sugary drink for water, going to bed earlier, cooking and eating as a family. What ever your budget, you can make a real difference to you and your families future with a few small changes.
If you would like to know more about how you can get involved, please do get in touch.
 Remember small steps lead to big changes !