Our School Leadership Team

JHN Student Leadership
Here at JHN we love watching our children 'let their lights shine'. We have an active Student Leadership Team made up of children from across the school, who are selected to represent the school through a student vote or teacher selection. The children are encouraged to make decisions, plan and organise activities and make suggestions that will help to improve our school even further.
JHN Academy will:
  • Provide a Student Leadership Lanyard and ID so they can be easily identified around school site by all members of the community
  • Provide a wide range of participation and leadership opportunities
  • Maximise the number and range of students undertaking leadership roles.
  • Provide recognition of all Student Leadership roles
  • Encourage the development of student participation and leadership skills through classroom practice
  • Provide students with access to key staff for support and guidance
  • Develop student participation and leadership skills 
  • Celebrate the achievements of all students

We want as many students as possible to be able to take on a leadership role. This is our story so far…

School Council
 At the start of the year we voted in classes to nominate two School Council members, whose role it would be: 
  • To represent our class mates when we vote on issues and situations at JHN.
  • To make our school a better place by suggesting improvements.
  • To give all children at JHN a chance to use their voice.

 As School Council we meet every two weeks to discuss what issues classmates have asked us to raise and to think of ideas to improve our school.

 This year so far we have discussed:

  • Our lunch menu and what we would like on it.
  • Clubs run by staff and pupils.
  • School facilities including toilets and doors around site.
  • Safety and behaviour at playtimes.
  • School equipment including the trim trail.
House Captains
 In Year 6, at the start of the year we wrote letters to apply to be House captains. We outlined why we thought we would be best for the job and what we were going to do this year in order to be an excellent house captain. Our role is to:
  • run house events across the school
  • lead sports day and other house activities
  • count up all the house points weekly
  • foster a sense of community throughout JHN

Learning Leaders

When we joined in Year 6 we knew there was lots to complete so we all jumped in at the deep end. As Learning Leader’s we were able to adapt to Year 6 life and the new changes to school. Our role is to

  • Monitor our subject across the school
  • Lead competitions and give out prizes
  • Get more involvement from the whole school community.
We are learning leaders in 4 key areas: Values, Reading, Writing and Maths. 
Sports Squad
 At the start of the year I selected a pupil from each class to nominate as Sport Squad members, whose role it would be: 
  •   To assist and organise during their class PE lesson.
  •   To keep an eye at playtime to make sure games are appropriate and safe.
  •   To represent their class/school in any physical activities.
  •   To be able to be a voice for their class regarding PE.
  •   Have an input of clubs that run during lunch and after school clubs.
  •   The equipment is being used in the correct manner and it is all put back in the correct place. 
Super Scientists
 At the start of the year each class nominates 2 Science leaders for their class.

These pupils become the proud owner of a J.H.N. Science Leader lanyard.

The role includes:-

  • To lead and support lunch time science clubs.
  • To support the planning of science activities and investigations in science clubs.
  • To support the selection of winners in science competitions within class and through the whole school.
  • To support and lead the planning during ‘Science Week’ and ‘Grounds Day’.
  • To support the creation and upkeep of class Big Science Floor books.
  • To take part in science club committee meetings.
  • To raise the profile of science and make Science teaching and learning great at J.H.N.
Worship Warriors
At the beginning of the academic year, these year 5 students were chosen by a class vote.

Their role is to:

Lead prayer in school assemblies
To support church visits
Work alongside Revd Margreet
Deliver whole school assemblies weekly
JHN Leadership Meeting Notes