School Council

At the start of the year we voted in classes to nominate two School Council members, whose role it would be:


  • To represent our class mates when we vote on issues and situations at JHN.
  • To make our school a better place by suggesting improvements.
  • To give all children at JHN a chance to use their voice.


As School Council we meet every two weeks to discuss what issues classmates have asked us to raise and to think of ideas to improve our school.


This year so far we have discussed:

  • Our lunch menu and what we would like on it.
  • Clubs run by staff and pupils.
  • School facilities including toilets and doors around site.
  • Safety and behaviour at playtimes.
  • School equipment including the trim trail.

If you are a pupil or staff member at JHN please come and talk to one of our School Councillors if you would like to raise any issues at our next meeting.