Year 2 Curriculum

Year 2 is the first of the two SATs years for the children whilst at Primary school. This means they must sit tests and complete activities to give them formal levels to be reported to Government. Children in Year 2 are assessed in Maths, Reading, Writing and Science.

In response to this children in Year 2 follow a more formal curriculum than they have done in the past. They have daily Maths, English and Phonics/spelling lessons before lunch. This is followed by the afternoon learning including topic work, science, RE and PE and Guided reading.

Topic work incorporates many areas of learning including art, history, Geography and Design Technology. The topics year 2 children cover are Katie Morag (island homes), Great Fire of London and London life, Castles, Roald Dahl, Animals and Pirates. Each of the topics is supported by a WOW experience to support the learning. An example of this is the educational visit to the London Eye to support the Great Fire of London topic.

Year 2 is well supported by volunteers who help with reading and other classroom learning activities. We would love to hear from anyone who is keen to support the children. If you have a few hours spare please get in touch.