Year 2 Curriculum

Year 2 Curriculum

Welcome to year 2!

In year 2 we start every day with Guided reading. The children each get a chance to read in a small group with the class teacher an TA and then complete a range of other reading or SPaG activities.

During the morning, we focus on English, Maths and Phonics which are tailored to suit the needs of the children in the class. We encourage independence as well as adult support during these sessions.  In Maths, we have a focus on providing a wide variety of resources and problem solving through the use of the White Rose Maths Scheme. In addition to this, we provide opportunities for the children to solve SATs style questions in a nurturing environment to prepare them for the end of the year. 

As a school we follow a creative curriculum whereby all of our subjects intertwine to incorporate English, Geography, Science, History, Art, DT, RE and PSHE.  These subjects are taught in the afternoons, along with Handwriting, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Alongside these sessions, children will have booster groups and some children will have specific interventions to help with confidence, consolidate and maximise learning. 

At the beginning of the year we bring our attention to Beatrix Potter. We will start by looking at her most famous character, ‘Peter Rabbit’ where we will write our own adventure stories and instructions. We will then be investigating the illustrations and using water colours to create our own characters and then use maps to investigate Littlemore!

Our next topic is ‘In a kingdom far, far away’ where we will learn the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. We will then work to create our own fairy tales and we will create booklets about life in Castles. We will even be creating our own castles in groups using anything we can, investigating different ways of attaching materials and looking at the properties of different materials in science.

In the new year we will begin our ‘London’ topic. Through the stories of Paddington Bear, we will learn about famous landmarks in London. We will investigate the Great fire of London and create fact files all about London. We will then be going on a trip all the way to London to learn more about London and explore the capital city.

In Term 4 we will learn about animals through the theme of ‘Under the Sea’ which will lead us to looking at life cycles, habitats and we will create chronological reports about them. We will then look at A Tadpole’s Promise by Jeanne Willis and use this to create our own funny stories. This will also be our last term before completing our SATS so we will be working very hard so that we can do our very best!

In Term 5 our topic is ‘Dirty beards and Big Ears’ where we will be creating our own Roald Dahl marvellous medicines and planning sneaky pranks to play on The Twits! This will be our first foray into writing longer stories and even spend a few weeks writing our own chapter story! We will also be growing our own plants and drawing our own illustrations in the style of Quentin Blake for our stories. This will also be our SATS term where we be formally assessed in Reading, Maths, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Our writing will be assessed by our teachers and moderated across the school.

In term 6 we will be learning all about pirates. We will speak to Captain Pugwash and write our own Pirate Shanties to keep his spirits up. We will also look at the diet of a pirate and compare that to our own diets. As a treat, we will also be going swimming as part of a healthy diet!