Year 3 / 4 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 3 /4 .


In year 3/4, we aim to create fun and engaging lessons in a more formal setting as the children
begin, or continue, their journey in Key Stage Two. Each mornings will consist of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (S.P.A.G) and then English, so that the children have an immediate chance to apply their SPAG. After assembly and break we then get stuck into our Guided Reading. This is either in the form of whole class work, focussing on finding information, discussing author/ illustrator choices and creating talk opportunities. We also work in a carousel to complete our reading where we focus on apply these skills independently and work in ability groups to work on our targets. After Guided Reading we then complete our White Rose Maths lesson where we use hands on resources to tackle new and exciting reasoning challenges. 

Each term we will focus on a different topic within English where each child will develop an understanding of both fiction and non-fiction texts.  In term 1 we explore the dark with our topic 'Are you afraid of the dark' our key text is the owl who is afraid of the dark where we will create our own nocturnal animal fact files and use our D.T. skills to create string puppets.

In term 2 we move into the Rotten Romans where we will investigate different roman myths and legends, even creating our own versions while we also explore proteins, teeth and healthy eating in Science lessons.

As we go into the new year, our new topic is Skeletons! We will, of course, be looking into the human body learning all about Bones and Muscles. We will then read different texts about fossils, writing a biography, diary entries and non-fiction reports.

In term 4 we learn all about the Egyptians. creating our own canopic jars (learning all about the gruesome process) while we create adventure stories based around Camille Gautier and Stephanie Vernet's story 'The Pharoah's fate'

As we begin the summer term, we begin our topic Rockin' Robots We will look at an old, yet teacher favourite text 'The iron giant' by Ted Hughes. We will create our own Sci Fi stories and robot poems while learning about forces and magnets in our Science lessons.

Term 6 we bring everything back to Oxford in our topic Oxford and the Thames. We will read 'Wind in the Willows' by Kenneth graham where we will make our very own play scripts (look out for tickets to our productions) while we learn all about the rivers in England and even go and visit one.

In maths, using the comprehensive White Rose scheme, we will use varied mental and written methods for all four operations to enable the children to become more efficient when calculating. The children then spend a larger part of the lesson working on wide-ranging reasoning and problem solving questions so as to prepare them with learning skills for the 21st Century information economy. 


Our afternoons will allow for creative curriculum opportunities incorporating all aspects of our core
curriculum in Science, History, Geography, Art, D+T, Music, Information Technology (I.C.T), Religious Education and French.  Children are given time for discussion and asked to present their findings and thoughts in a variety of ways.

The children will also all have a weekly PSHE, (Physical, Spiritual, Health and Emotional) and P.E. lesson. We use ‘Jigsaw’ at JHN, an excellent whole school approach to teach the children about different life skills such as empathy and resilience and our PE specialist has been trained to offer the children meaningful and bespoke sport and physical education.

In Year Lower Key Stage 2, we will continue to focus on Handwriting and further Spelling techniques using phonics and mnemonics in the afternoon. We will also strive for the children to have daily opportunities to read books for enjoyment which helps enable their reading skills to develop throughout the year.

Furthermore, we have created specific intervention programmes that run concurrently for identified children across the spectrum of learning, to maximise individual progression and provide each child with an opportunity to boost their confidence.

Our teachers are dedicated to creating a safe, secure and enjoyable atmosphere and community within the individual classrooms, so time is also set aside for class discussions in circle time, assembly performances and team building games.

We hope you have an amazing journey this year and we can't wait to share it with you!