Year 3 Curriculum

In year 3, we aim to create fun and engaging lessons in a more formal setting as the children
transition to Key Stage Two. Our mornings will consist of Guided Reading, English, Phonics and
Maths. Each term we will focus on a different topic within English where the children will develop an
understanding of both fiction and non-fiction texts. We will explore the structure, vocabulary and
grammar in these texts to allow the children to develop their reading and writing skills. In maths we
will use written methods for all four operations to enable the children to become more efficient
when calculating. We will also continue to encourage the children to apply their maths skills when
solving problems within mathematics.

Our afternoons will allow for creative curriculum opportunities incorporating all aspects of our core
curriculum in Science, History, Geography, Art, D+T, Music, Information Technology, Religious
Education and French. The children will also all have a weekly Physical Education lesson. We will
continue to focus on Handwriting, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in the afternoons. Within year
3 we will strive for the children to have daily opportunities to read books that they will enjoy,
enabling their reading skills to develop throughout the year.