Year 4 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 4 .


In year 4, we aim to create fun and engaging lessons in a more formal setting as the children continue their journey in Key Stage Two. Each morning will consist of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (S.P.A.G) and then English, so that the children have an immediate chance to apply their SPAG. After class assembly and break we then get stuck into our Arithmetic, where we will practice applying our knowledge of the four operations to arithmetic problems. Following this, we will complete our White Rose Reasoning and Problem-Solving lesson where we use hands on resources to tackle new and exciting reasoning challenges. To end our morning, we engage in a variety of different texts and complete comprehension and creative tasks that link to these in our guided reading session. 


Each term we will focus on a different topic within English where each child will develop an understanding of both fiction and non-fiction texts.  In term 1 we explore the Village Settlers. We will investigate the origins of place names and identify a range of mapping symbols, using them as inspiration to create our own villages!  We also learn working scientifically in Science and create self-portraits in Art. 


In term 2, it’s ‘Something Wicked this way comes’!  We are delving into Shakespeare’s fantastic play of Macbeth; writing spooky narratives, playscripts and persuasion texts.  As part of History, we will be studying Early Civilisation where we will be exploring the technology and inventions of early civilisations. In DT, we will be making out our towers with working circuits!


As we go into the new year, we’ll be transported to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! We will, of course, be looking into J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We will use this text to write fantasy stories, diary entries and even chronological reports about our own ‘Fantastic Beasts’ that we will create in DT! In science, the children will get a chance to learn all about forces, the perfect topic when learning about magic!


Moving into the Spring Term, we will be creating our own adventure stories as we explore some Enid Blyton classics. We will also be creating some visual poetry, taking inspiration from Phyllis Fogg’s ‘Great Adventurers’. In science we will be learning all about fossils and in History we will delving into the world of Anglo-Saxons in order find out who they were and where they came from. 


As we start the summer term, we begin out topic ‘Revolting People of Planet Earth!’ We will be learning all about the environment in science, thinking about how we are polluting our world and in Geography we will be thinking about people’s roles in society and earning a living. We will also be writing some play scripts, non-chronological reports and diary entries as we delve in Charles Dicken’s ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘A Little Princess’ by Frances Hodgeon Burnett.


We will be ending the summer term by learning all about our topic ‘Chocolate’. We will be undertaking some food-based DT where we will experiment with colours, textures and flavours to make our own chocolate treats. We will then be using persuasive writing to create adverts for our creations!  



The children will also all have a weekly PSHE, (Physical, Spiritual, Health and Emotional) and P.E. lesson. We use ‘Jigsaw’ at JHN, an excellent whole school approach to teach the children about different life skills such as empathy and resilience and our PE specialist has been trained to offer the children meaningful and bespoke sport and physical education.


In Lower Key Stage 2, we continue to focus on Handwriting and further Spelling techniques using phonics and mnemonics in the afternoon. We will also strive for the children to have daily opportunities to read books for enjoyment which helps enable their reading skills to develop throughout the year.


Our teachers are dedicated to creating a safe, secure and enjoyable atmosphere and community within the individual classrooms, so time is also set aside for class discussions in circle time and team building games.

We hope you have an amazing Year 4 learning journey this year and we can't wait to share it with you!