Year 4 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 4!

Every morning we begin our day with Guided Reading. Children will read once a week with the class teacher and then carousel through a variety of activities.

After this we spend the rest of the morning doing Maths, English and Punctuation and Grammar. We'll look at Spelling and Handwriting in the afternoons.

We follow a creative curriculum as we intertwine all the subjects to incorporate English, Geography, Science, History, Art, DT, RE and PSHCE into them. We keep Maths independent, but with areas that are able to be part of the topic (data handling, real life contexts - money, measures, sorting) we do include Maths where possible.

Furthermore to this, we have created specific intervention programmes run concurrently for identified children, across the spectrum of learning to maximise individual progression.

Children in Year 4 will experience French as a second language! Each child will experience two terms of swimming with an ASA II qualified swim Teacher, as well as P.E once a week with a trained sports coach.

We're starting the Year with our topic "You're a Wizard Harry!" based around Harry Potter. We'll be reading the first book as well as comparing this to the film. We'll be script writing, designing costumes in Art and creating sound effects in Science. We'll be moving on in October half term to read 'The Worst Witch' and 'Macbeth' in our 'Something wicked this way comes' topic when we'll also be creating DT witches castles and using electricity to light them up in Science!

In the new year we'll be learning about 'Vicious Vikings' and reading 'How to train your dragon' in English as well as taking part in a Viking day. After February half term we'll move on to our explorers topic called 'Up, Up and Away!' were we'll read some Enid Blyton books as well as studying local geography and learning about famous explorers.

After Easter our topic is 'The revolting people of planet earth', we'll be reading 'The hunchback of Notre Damn'. 'Oliver' and 'Anne Frank's diary' before finishing the year out with our Greek topic. We'll be getting seriously greeky (get it?) about Medusa and Theseus and Minotaur, creating clay pots and learning all about the history of the Olympics!