Year 5 Curriculum

Year 5 Curriculum


In Year 5 we start the morning with practising grammar and spelling that we can then apply in our English lessons. This time is also used to support the students with responding to marking from the previous days learning in Maths and English in order to extend their learning to the fullest. 

Our topics this year are 'Back to school', 'A series of unfortunate events', 'Heroes and villains', 'Heart of the matter', 'Rainforests and Chocolate'. Out topics are designed to cover a wide content range of science, history and geography. Cross curricular links are encouraged; linking our English lessons and opportunities for practical maths skills to be developed in science, DT and Geography.


We have daily guided reading sessions to read one-to- one or with small groups of children. Children also have access to our school library and the local library. All are encouraged to read and record their efforts daily. 

This year we will be teaching French as a foreign language. This language teaching is led by the class teachers and we will be focusing on numbers, days and months, greetings, stories and songs.

Homework is set weekly on a Thursday. It is based on the learning from that week and due in on the following Tuesday. We have a homework club on a Friday lunchtime, but please remember homework should be completed at home so that you can share in your child’s learning.