Year 6 Curriculum

In Year 6, we spend the morning focussing on Maths and English.

Following an initial assessment in the autumn term, we are able to identify areas that the children need to focus on to enable them to achieve their potential. Assessments at the end of every term enable us to continue to identify areas for development; thus allowing us to personalise learning to diminish the differences.

In English we will continue to develop our skills of reading, writing, spelling, punctuation anf Grammar. Children will participate in daily guided reading sessions to enhance and build upon their existing skills.
Throughout the year, we will refresh and revise basic writing skills and extend our knowledge of higher level punctuation and grammatical structures. We will link our writing to novels by significant authors and non-fiction texts. We will continue to build on our existing knowledge of different text types and write in a range of genres.

In Maths we will revise and develop our understanding of number and place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will look at calculating the area and volume of shapes. We will learn about ratio and proportion, basic algebra, measurements, shapes, geometry and statistics (including constructing line graphs and pie charts) We will apply our learning in a range of contexts, using our mathematical skills to solve problems and undertake investigations. Reasoning will underpin our whole approach to Maths.

We have created specific intervention programmes for identified children to maximise individual progression and to ensure that every child achieves their potential.
For all other curriculum areas, please refer to the Curriculum overview.
In May, children will sit their SAT’s. They are tested in Reading, Writing, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and spelling. Our aim is to ensure that all children are prepared. Throughout the year children will have regular opportunities to approach SAT’s style questions.

Homework is given out every Thursday and is expected to be returned each Monday. All homework is set according to each child’s needs to consolidate their understanding of content taught in school.
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