Year 6 Curriculum

In Year 6, we spend the morning focussing on Maths and English as this is the time when the children are most alert. Children will participate in weekly guided reading sessions to enhance and build upon their existing skills. Spelling is a part of our everyday routine and, whilst we teach punctuation and grammar in a stand-alone lesson, we also incorporate this into our daily English lessons. Mental Maths tests are conducted on a weekly basis which gives the children the opportunity to develop their mental strategies.

Following an initial assessment in the autumn term, we are able to identify areas that the children need to focus on to enable them to achieve well in their SATs. We use books as a stimulus, studying a breath of authors and writing styles, and we are able to tailor our planning according to the outcome of the assessments. Further assessments at the end of every term enable us to continue to identify areas for development.

Every Friday, we spend our mornings applying our skills by up-levelling a piece of writing in English and applying our developed mathematical skills to SAT questions. These are chosen based around the area we have been focussing on during that week.

Where possible, we follow a creative curriculum whereby children and parents contribute their ideas to the planning of the topic. We use educational visits to add another dimension to the children’s learning.

Year 6 participate in Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project. This includes practical vegetable garden management and cooking. We aim to develop a garden that can sufficiently provide us with the ingredients we need.

At the end of the year children will have the opportunity to go on a residential visit which allows them to learn new skills taught by professional instructors. The visit allows us to try new things in a safe environment alongside our friends, before we leave for our chosen secondary school. We end the school year with a farewell musical performance, which the children are actively involved in choosing. We understand that acting is not to everyone’s taste and so there are plenty of roles behind the scenes available.